Makeup Class for Nagi

I feel honoured that Montreal-based company NAGI Cosmetic chose Sylkie Sly to give the following classes of her professional makeup class:


•Fundamentals of contouring

•Editorial style for photoshoots


This upcoming collaboration will take place at her studio on April 22 2017.



Men Grooming for Magistrale

This stylish man is wearing styles coordinated by Safiyya (IG: @safiyyamenstylist).  They will be featured in upcoming edition of Magistrale.  


I was selected to do the male grooming for this shoot;  made grooming is "makeup for men",  basically making the man flawless for a photoshoot!  I used Ben Nye ultra matte foundation with translucent powder to set.  His lips are still a little shiny from the MAC lip treatment I applied.  Official photos coming soon


Here are a few photos behind the scenes: 


Makeup by me

Makeup by me

Makeup by me

Makeup by me

Makeup by me

Makeup by me

V Kosmetik Lookbook

It was a pleasure to be the official makeup artist for V Kosmetik's lookbook.  I would like to thank Vickie Joseph and Varda Étienne for their trust!  V Kosmetik is a new makeup line for women of all skin colors.  Stay tuned for the official spring launch! 


Here are a few photos behind the scenes, official photos are found in the Editorial section of my website.  You can also follow V Kosmetik on Facebook and Instagram for more images and updates: @v_kosmetik 


Janie Boulogne Gref, peek-a-boo

2017, a new year...

On a personal note,  I want to share some thoughts with you... 


Exactly one year ago,  I was in a car crash. Through thick and think I managed to keep up with makeup because it is my passion.  It was a goal to keep me sane through the ordeal.  


I want to take a moment to thank everyone that believed in my talent,  that supported me,  that encouraged me to get better,  that believed in me.  It was not easy to keep up with the appearances of being well. ..  


Some days I asked myself if I should go on,  if I would be as good as I used to be... and yes the road to recovery is also accepting your limitations.  Seeing everyone go on with their lives and their projects while you are on the sidelines. Still...


Through 2016,  I was able to do wonderful projects that kept me going and I am so thankful for them. 2017 is a new year and I am ready for more!!!


one love


Sylkie Sly, makeup artist

1st Natural Hair Congress Canada

The natural hair movement is here to stay... It's more then a trend!

On Saturday June 27th 2015,  I was fortunate to be part of the beautifying team for the inHairitance hair show; because of that privilege, I was able to visit the exposants and beatify the amazing Nerissa Irving! 

The loft hotel felt very intimate as there were many rooms and moods to go through, all about natural hair, beauty and fashion.  I loved that concept as it was perfect to be one on one with the exposants and get some exclusive deals and details! As I entered the room where I was going to install my makeup kit, I was happy to also meet some hairdressers offering new techniques in Montreal such as Sisterlocks. The ambiance was just perfect for us to discuss and share ideas.

It felt amazing to meet Nerissa Irving on such an intimate level... She was looking for a makeup artist in Montreal to give her a beautiful natural glow for the day and several people shouted me on Instagram;  special thanks to my friend Jenny Jah who was the first to let me know xox.  Nerissa was very down to earth and had a very calming presence; even though I was very nervous, she made me feel very confortable. Using Motives Cosmetics In The Nude palette, I did a very subtle makeup look at her request.  I finalized the look with the long lasting liquid stick Sultry,  very popular on social media and she loved it!  

Credit Photo : Christian Atanga /    

Credit Photo : Christian Atanga / 

Dickens Lambert

A nice throwback for father's day...

Sylkie Sly applying final touches on Dickens Lambert

Sylkie Sly applying final touches on Dickens Lambert

Worked on a nice project with this great team!  Dickens Lambert, a well known athlete from Montreal, was the male model for the afternoon.  For the style finesse,  Rossa from Styled by Farline was on hand as she coordinated everything flawlessly.  For the well structured suits,  Benny Brown was a great option for the look we were going for. Finally, Mario Carobene was behind the camera to capture the best images. As always when great minds work together, it can have an awesome turn out!

Dickens having a good time on set

Dickens having a good time on set

For the makeup, I decided to go for a dual look.  On one side, the face was only structured and the blemishes diminished;  when posing on that side, it gave a more conventional look.  However, on the other side, I decided to have more fun and play with some metal eyeshadows as I applied them in a geometric effect, blending towards the hairline.  Thanks to the whole team for a great afternoon!

Rossa from Styled by Farline, Dickens Lambert & Sylkie Sly

Rossa from Styled by Farline, Dickens Lambert & Sylkie Sly

Fashion So Art avec Malou Cadet

Le 26 février dernier, la designer haïtienne Malou Cadet a su ramener un peu de chaleur des caraïbes en nous présentant ses collections d'arts et de mode à la Galeries 203 du Vieux Montréal dans le cadre de l'événement Fashion So Arts.

photos: Michael Lee Mitchell  

photos: Michael Lee Mitchell 

Dans une ambiance décontractée, les invités ont pu admirer les nombreux tableaux de l'artiste tout en attendant le défilé.  Des tableaux d'une fraîcheur inouïe, riches en émotions et qui nous offrent une vision très personnelle de Malou. Parmi eux, une oeuvre qui a survécu au terrible tremblement de terre...  Ce qui est magique, c'est que ce côté artistique se retrouve également dans ses créations vestimentaires!   De l'art qui personnalise un vêtement tout en laissant transparaître la vibrance de ce beau pays qu'est Haïti. 


Le défilé débute par toutes les modèles vêtues de noir avec comme seul artifice, un tableau de Malou accroché à leur cou; une autre façon dynamique de présenter ses oeuvres.  Ensuite, les vêtements haut en couleurs rappelant les paysages de l'île d'Hispanola, certains fluide comme l'eau d'autres statuesque tels les palmiers.

photo: Sylkie Sly

photo: Sylkie Sly

photo: Sylkie Sly  

photo: Sylkie Sly 

Je remercie une équipe de maquillage formidable Alexia Felrine of K.L.A.M.M.,  Ann gee of Diva Glam et Show Tyme makeup.artist!  The look was a flawless face with nude lips with a monochrome pop of color on the eyes. Les couleurs de eyeshadow variaient dépendant des mannequins allant de jaune, bleu, mauve et même vert; toutes des couleurs qui rappelle les vêtements exotiques de la collections. Un maquillage simple qui laissent toute la place à l'art de Malou.

Malou maquillée par Sylkie Sly et  sa robe de carnaval, fétiche de la soirée   photo: Sylkie Sly  

Malou maquillée par Sylkie Sly et  sa robe de carnaval, fétiche de la soirée

photo: Sylkie Sly 

Merci Malou Cadet et AMA Design de nous avoir fait confiance!

Rosa Farline styliste, Malou Cadet artiste et désigner, Sylkie Sly maquilleuse

Rosa Farline styliste, Malou Cadet artiste et désigner, Sylkie Sly maquilleuse

Divine Bridal: Première Édition

A first step in the right direction...

Divine Bridal

Le 24 et 25 janvier derniers avait lieu la première édition de l'exposition de mariée internationale Divine Bridal, organisé par Fabienne Sylvestre et ce fût un succès!  Le tout était bien organisé, il y avait multiple exposants qui offraient des prix assez dispendieux ainsi que des services à rabais spécialement pour les invités.  Plusieurs de ces exposants expérimentés étaient habitués à ce genre d'évènement, mais nous avons trouvé la formule différente et exotique.  Défilés de robes de mariée traditionnelles et de pays différents,  des bouchées et sucreries,  des spectacles de danse hors de l'ordinaire…   En tant que première exposition de l'équipe Motives Cosmétiques, c'était réellement un plaisir de présenter cette gamme de qualité au public québécois.

Alexia Felrine, Gloria Mondja, Nelz Michelle & Sylkie Sly 

Alexia Felrine, Gloria Mondja, Nelz Michelle & Sylkie Sly 

a Muse, aMuse

The internet is such an interresting medium...

It enables you to connect with people you might have never met otherwise. 

That's what happened a couple of years ago when I met a poet with an incredible ability with word play.   It was before I was a mother, when I was a carefree woman with little to lose but herself.  The poet and I discussed, exchanged ideas and one day he surprised me with a poem that I actually inspired!

That man is Vernon J. Davis, Jr. The poem Sylkie's Soliloquy which I inspired can be found in his book The Emosewa Woman

Thank you for immortalizing a fragment of my youth with your tender and sensual words! Even though we have never met, I will be forever immortilized within your art... 

 xoxo Merci Vernon



She Speaks,
Separating Sagacity,
Serene Sounds.


She Sings,
Sexual Silence,
Spellbinding Sensations.


She’s Solely Sylkie,
She’s Sylkie Solely
Silky (Sylkie)

She’s Solely Sylkie

She’s Sylkie...


Housewife: Cold As Ice

Working with talented stylists is always a great experience.  

Farline's Acessories

Farline's Acessories

The creative process of a photoshoot goes far beyond choosing a few garments to put together…  It starts with the spark of an idea,  then translates into research on how to illustrate emotions into images that people can relate to.

Farline is a dedicated Montreal stylist on the rise and she put her heart and soul in this project.  With the amazing garments of Anomal Couture, Melissa Nepton and Marylin Baril,  her muse and sister Mirkessa brings life to these Canadian fashion brands.  The concept of a housewife in a sterile whitewash environnement contrast with the beauty of her nubian skin. 

The two sisters Farline (stylist) and Mirkessa (model) on set, shot by Marco Larivière

The two sisters Farline (stylist) and Mirkessa (model) on set, shot by Marco Larivière

As a make-up artist, it is important to be part of the discussion and research to have a great result.  For these looks,  we decided to go with  cold metallic silver on a large portion of her face:  I used the Nars Eye Paint in Interstellar for it's high pigmentation that reflected perfectly in the light. Motives Pressed Eyeshadows in Gunmetal was then added for depth and definition.  Her complexion was beautified with the Motives Color Perfection Quads in Dark.  No extreme lashes for this, only simple mascara.  A very artificial look indeed that worked very well with the concept.

Sylkie Sly makeup artistry in progress on model Mirkessa, shot by Marco Larivière

Sylkie Sly makeup artistry in progress on model Mirkessa, shot by Marco Larivière

Unedited shot of model Mirkessa, shot by Marco Larivière

The entire team was truly a pleasure to work with.  I have worked with Mirkessa in the past for multiple shoot and she effortlessly posed with grace.  On the other hand,  it was my first time with Marco Larivière and I can confirm it was a great experience.  The editing he did on these shots truly added the edge that make these photos stand out from the rest!  It will be a pleasure to work with this team again.

Model Mirkessa shot by Marco Larivière and styled by Farline (final edit)

Model Mirkessa shot by Marco Larivière and styled by Farline

For more details on the designer fashions and more pictures from this great photoshoot, please visit Styled By Farline's post: Un Printemps 100% Québecois

The Renewal

It's been a long time coming.

Sometimes,  you have to wait for the perfect timing,  when you feel ready and dedicated... Sometimes talent is not enough to drive us, passion is the fire that needs to consume you!


This logo is my signature… my actual signature.  What better way to represent myself then my own seal of approval?

Sylkie and Sly, nicknames I had for years that represents my creativity, a wordplay of my actual name with a twist.  Simply me that I present to you in all sincerity.